Friday, January 16, 2009

Topul stirilor FBI in saptamana care se incheie

1. San Francisco: Executives Plead Guilty to Price Fixing
Korean national, Chang Suk “C.S.” Chung, and Taiwanese nationals - Chieng-Hon “Frank” Lin, Chih-Chun “C.C.” Liu and Hsueh-Lung “Brian” Lee - pled guilty to participating in a global conspiracy to fix prices. Full Story
2. Cleveland: Cousins Plead Guilty
Zubair Ahmed and Khaleel Ahmed pled guilty to conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. Full Story
3. New York: Police Sergeant Pleads Guilty
Haytham Khalil pled guilty to accessing the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List without authorization and disseminating the information to an acquaintance. Full Story
4. San Diego: Investment Scam Yields Jail Time and Restitution for Promoters
Ricky D. Sluder and Larry C. Saturday were sentenced to imprisonment and ordered to pay $88 million restitution for their roles in an investment scam. Full Story
5. St. Louis: Police Officer Indicted on Fraud Charges
Marla A. Arinze was charged with accessing the Regional Justice Information Service without authorization to determine if her friends had outstanding immigration warrants. Full Story
6. FBI Returns Pre-Columbian Artifacts to Panama
More than 100 ancient artifacts uncovered during an FBI investigation were returned to the government of Panama. Full Story
7. Los Angeles: Gang Members Found Guilty
Ten members and associates of Florencia 13, a street gang involved in narcotics distribution and shootings of African-Americans, were convicted on numerous federal criminal charges. Full Story
8. Jacksonville: Project Safe Childhood Leads to Conviction
Seven U.S. individuals were convicted for their participation in a wide-scale, high-volume, international child pornography trafficking enterprise. Full Story
9. Los Angeles: Executive Charged
William Chai-Wai Tsu, vice-president of Cheerway, Inc., was charged with exporting high-tech integrated circuits to China in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Full Story
10. St. Louis: Department of Agriculture Employee Indicted
Laurie Lynn McConnell and an associate were indicted on charges of running two on-line prostitution businesses and money laundering. Full Story

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