Monday, January 5, 2009

Working for FBI

Locuri de munca la FBI
Biroul Federal de Investigatii a anuntat creearea a 2,100 de locuri de munca pentru cei interesati sa faca o cariera in aceasta institutie federala de renume.

FBI announces a hiring initiative aimed at filling its most critical vacancies. With a hiring goal of over 2,100 professional staff positions, the FBI has implemented this aggressive initiative to fill jobs located throughout its field offices and Headquarters divisions. These vacancies are currently open, with most closing January 16th, and include fields such as:

• Administrative/Clerical
• Automotive Mechanic Professionals
• Compliance and Quality Assurance Professionals
• Electronic Technicians
• Engineering Professionals
• Fingerprint Examiners
• General Education and Training Professionals
• Finance/Accounting/Budget Analysis Professionals
• IT/Computer Science Professionals
• Intelligence/Analytical Professionals
• Language Specialists
• Management and Program Analysis
• Nursing and Counseling Professionals
• Physical/Natural/Social Science Professionals
• Records Management Professionals
• Security Professionals
• Physical Surveillance Professionals
• Human Resources Professionals

“The FBI is like no other career choice you’ve ever considered,” said Assistant Director John Raucci, FBI Human Resources Division. “Whatever your background or expertise, you will find the FBI exceptionally rewarding. It is challenging, compelling, and important, as the work you perform has a daily impact on the nation’s security and the quality-of-life for all U.S. citizens.”

The FBI will host a mega career invitational wherein applicants will be invited for interviews and timely selections will be made. All FBI positions require at least a Top Secret security clearance and all applicants must undergo a thorough background investigation. The investigation includes a polygraph examination; drug screening test; credit and records checks; and extensive interviews with former and current colleagues, neighbors, friends, professors, etc.

The FBI will also hire 850 new agents this year. FBI agents come from a broad range of educational disciplines and professions; however, the FBI has special needs for candidates with critical skills in the following areas: foreign language (Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Pashto, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Somali, Vietnamese, etc.), computer science/information technology, engineering, intelligence, law, law enforcement, military, and physical sciences.

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