Friday, February 6, 2009

Topul stirilor FBI in saptamana care se incheie

1. New York: Former Hedge Fund Manager, Investment Banker and Two Others Charged with Insider Training
Joseph Contorinis, Michael Koulouroudis, and George Paparrizos were arrested on charges of conspiracy and securities fraud. Nicos Achillea Stephanou was previously arrested on related securities fraud charges. Full Story
2. Dallas: Man Arrested in New Mexico for Sending White-Powder Letters to Banks across the U.S.
Richard Leon Goyette, a/k/a Michael Jurek, was arrested at the Albuquerque airport after being charged with mailing 65 threatening letters to financial institutions in October 2008. Sixty-four of the 65 letters contained an unidentified white power, along with a threat that the person breathing the powder would die within 10 days. The powder tested negative for any hazardous materials. All 65 threat letters were mailed through the U.S. Postal Service and were postmarked from Amarillo, TX, on October 18, 2008. Full Story
3. New York: U.S. Charges Former Acting Boss and 12 Other Members, Associates of the Genovese Organized Crime Family
A 38-count indictment (the Leo indictment) was returned against 12 defendants, including Daniel Leo, the alleged former acting boss, and various members and associates of the Genovese Organized Crime Family of La Cosa Nostra. The Leo indictment charges the defendants with racketeering and other offenses, including violent extortions of individuals and businesses, loansharking, narcotics trafficking and operation of illegal gambling businesses. Full Story
4. Baltimore: Two Maryland Residents Charged in Human Trafficking Conspiracy
Lloyd Mack Royal, III and Angela Samantha Bentolila were arrested for conspiracy to commit sex trafficking in a scheme to prostitute three minor females. Full Story
5. New Haven: FBI Safe Streets Task Force Arrest 34 in Drug Trafficking Ring
Several Bridgeport, CT, residents were indicted and arrested for participating in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine and crack cocaine and a conspiracy to distribute heroin and crack cocaine. Full Story
6. Baltimore: Pakistani National Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Operate an Unlicensed Money Remitting Business
According to his guilty plea, Imdad Ullah Ranjha worked at Hamza, Inc., a money remitter business in the District of Columbia operated by co-defendant Saifullah Ranjha. A cooperating witness, acting at the direction of law enforcement, gave Ranjha and his associates a total of $2,208,000 in government funds in order to transfer the monies abroad through an informal money transfer system called a “hawala.” Full Story
7. Washington Field: Former Finance Director of California Valve Company Pleads Guilty to Bribing Foreign Government Officials
Former finance director of an Orange County, California-based valve company pleaded guilty to conspiracy to pay approximately $628,000 in bribes to numerous foreign government officials, including China, Korea, Romania and Saudi Arabia, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Full Story
8. Oklahoma City: Two Corrections Officers Indicted for Federal Civil Rights Violation
Oklahoma City corrections officers Gavin Douglas Littlejohn and Justin Mark Isch were indicted for federal civil rights violation for the fatal assault of Christopher Beckman at the Oklahoma County Detention Center in May of 2007. Full Story
9. St. Louis: President of Clayton Investment Firm Pleads Guilty to $4.5 Million Ponzi Scheme
Scott Luster, President of Rate Search, Inc., pleaded guilty to fraud and tax charges involving his scheme to divert customer funds. Rate Search, Inc. was in the business of marketing, brokering and purchasing certificates of deposit at financial institutions throughout the U.S. with investment moneys of its customers, and operated out of several offices in the St. Louis area. Full Story
10. New York: Final Defendant Pleads Guilty to Anti-Obama Assaults
Ralph Nicoletti pleaded guilty to committing three assaults targeting African-American residents in Staten Island, NY, on the night of President Barack Obama’s election victory. Nicoletti was the last of four defendants to plead guilty in the federal prosecution stemming from the attacks. The other three defendants – Bryan Garaventa, Michael Contreras and Brian Carranza – previously pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit the hate crime assaults and each face sentences of up to 10 years in prison. As part of his plea, Nicoletti has agreed to a sentence of 12 years, subject to the court’s approval. Full Story

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