Thursday, October 15, 2009

Claudiu Virgil Turlea cautat de FBI

Date of Birth Used: November 11, 1978 Hair: Brown

Place of Birth: Brad, Romania Eyes: Unknown

Height: 6'0" Sex: Male

Weight: 150 pounds Race: White

NCIC: W934751997 Nationality: Romanian

Occupations: Unknown

Scars and Marks: None known
Remarks: Turlea is a known member of a Romanian organized crime syndicate. He may be located in Canada, and may be attempting to recruit individuals to assist with cyber crimes.

Claudiu Virgil Turlea is wanted for his involvement in a criminal enterprise organization believed responsible for a series of fraud schemes totaling $4.3 million. These schemes occurred between January and July of 2008. In one scheme, members of the organization allegedly hacked into bank accounts of US businesses through fraudulently obtained login credentials, and wire transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars into bank accounts controlled by him and his co-conspirators. In another scheme, the organization is alleged to have defrauded thousands of victims through an internet fraud scheme in which victims would bid on fictitious items advertised on online auction sites. Winning bidders would transfer money to co-conspirators residing in the United States, who would receive the wire transfers into their personal accounts and then forward a portion of that money to Turlea.
On July 15, 2008, a federal arrest warrant was issued by the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, after Turlea was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, bank fraud, and computer fraud, as well as conspiracy laundering of monetary instruments.

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