Monday, December 14, 2009

Pedepse relativ usoare pentru fraudele imobiliare din Arizona

Brandon Azadegan a luat un an si 6 luni de inchisoare pentru contributia sa  in fraudele imobiliare in care au fost implicati si o serie de romani. Gheorghe Babeti a primit in luna august si el o pedeapsa de un an si doua luni de inchisoare. restul  isi asteapta sentinta.

PHOENIX—Brandon Azadegan, 29, of Phoenix, was sentenced yesterday to 18 months in prison for an April 2009 conviction for his role as an investor selling four homes to a straw buyer. Azadegan pleaded guilty to one count of Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud and one count of Transactional Money Laundering. Six other co-conspirators have pleaded guilty for their involvement in the conspiracy. Gheorge Babeti was sentenced to 14 months in federal prison in August 2009. The remaining defendants will be sentenced in the next few months.

Dennis K. Burke, U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona, highlighted the significance of this sentence, stating that, “Mortgage fraud has had a devastating impact on property values, lending institutions, and entire neighborhoods in our community. It has resulted in the loss of tax revenues and jobs. To those who engage in mortgage fraud—particularly real estate industry professionals in which the public places trust—you can expect that we are taking these cases very seriously and we will strongly urge prison sentences where appropriate.”
The case against Azadegan was based on an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Azadegan sold his four homes to Babeti, a straw buyer who submitted loan applications to lenders containing false information. Other co-conspirators received cash back at closing. In addition to purchasing Azadegan’s four homes, Babeti purchased six others. All went into foreclosure.

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