Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dan Tomei investigated by the State of Illinois Securities Fraud Department

Dan Tomei, photographer, owner of Radio 27, an online Romanian radio station in Chicago and the organizer of Miss Romania USA, is under investigation by the Securities Department from the State of Illinois. The department is responsible for the regulation of the securities industry in Illinois and protection of investors by ensuring compliance with the law and investigating any complaints of fraud or improper practices.
In 2007 Dan Tomei organized Miss Romania USA and created a company called G&M Filming Corporation, under the promise of issuing 63,000 shares of stock . He  used over 14,000 dollars for the production of Miss Romania USA in 2007, but never issued any shares, nor returned the money as promised.
After false promises and lies that he will pay the money back, a complaint was submitted on his name and company, to the Better Business Bureau, Securities Fraud Department and U.S State Attorney's office in the State of Illinois.
In February 2009, a legal representative sent a letter on behalf of Dan Tomei in which he offered to transfer all of his interests in Misss Romania USA Inc. and  G&M Filming  in order to pay the debt.
G&M Filming was never incorporated in the State of Illinois and Miss Romania USA was disolved as a company in October, 2008.
When contacted to talk about his offers Dan Tomei and his representative did not responded back to us.


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